Who we are

We started the collaboration in 2006 by associating the individual law firms Moț Radu Cristian, Balaciu Cristian Florin and Olah Cătălin, practicing for 9 years in the form of associated law firms.

In 2015 we decided to change the form of organization of the profession from associated law firms into a professional limited liability company.

Thus, Moț, Balaciu, Olah (MBO) was born – Professional Limited Liability Law Firm, a form of organization through which we can better manage our legal activity, both in relation to clients and courts.

Since 2006 and until now I have gained professional experience in various fields, such as: criminal law, public procurement, real estate claims, health, hunting and weapons and ammunition, corporate law, labor law, recovery of trade receivables, insolvency and creditors’ law, transport law, administrative and fiscal litigation, contracts and insurance, divorces, division, minor entrustments, inheritances and forced executions.

Our goal is to provide clients with uniform and quality services, without the activity of our office being limited by geographical boundaries or the specialization of lawyers, in order to provide our clients with services at the highest standards, wherever they need them.

Most clients visit us on the recommendation of our old clients, friends and partners, thanks to our dedication to the legal profession and our professional diligence in order to solve legal problems favorably.

We have a diverse range of clients:

  • companies whose establishment and start-up took place with us,
  • companies that, together with us, have consolidated their business in various fields of activity: trade (online and through specialized stores), production, civil and industrial constructions, road transport of goods and logistics, service providers.
  • public institutions

To see the services provided by our company you can access the Services page