Our services have as their main objective the avoidance of unnecessary disputes, and when this is not possible, the provision of advice and legal representation necessary to achieve the goals and interests of our clients.

Regardless of the legal problems we will look for strategies and legal solutions to solve them, making every effort to defend the freedoms, rights and legitimate interests of the client, in order to fulfill the professional service entrusted to us and to provide quality services.

Civil law and family law

We provide legal advice and representation services before civil courts in lawsuits aimed at:

-claims and payment orders

– obligations to do and to give

– claims and findings of ownership

-tortious and contractual civil liability

-inheritances and succession shares

-conclusion, execution, modification and termination of contracts

-forced executions, especially those initiated by debt collectors

-divorce, parental authority and residence of minors

-minor visitation program and the establishment of the minor maintenance contribution / pension

-supplementation of consent for the movement of minors abroad when the other parent refuses, as well as consent supplementations for the preparation of the passport

-denial and establishing paternity

-protection order

Criminal law

We provide you with legal advice and representation services in the field of criminal law, both in the criminal investigation phase and in the trial phase, regarding:

-economic and financial crimes: tax evasion, money laundering, breach of trust by fraudulent creditors, etc.

-corruption offenses

-abuse of office

-negligence in the service

-false material in official documents, intellectually, in documents under private signature

-use of fake deception

-offenses concerning the arms and ammunition regime

-poaching traffic offenses

-drug offenses drug and psychotropic use

Administrative and Fiscal Law

We provide legal advice and representation services in litigation regarding:

-procurement contracts

-service reports of civil servants

-illegal administrative acts: suspension, cancellation, modification

-tax inspection report and decisions to change the tax base

-provisions / decisions for imputing civil servants

-complaints against the minutes of finding and sanctioning the contraventions issued by the public authorities

Labor law

We support employees or employers by providing legal advice and representation services regarding labor relations

-concluding, executing, modifying or terminating individual employment contracts

-appeals sanctioning decisions

-appeals decisions disciplinary termination of individual employment contracts

-claims resulting from the execution of the individual employment contract

-actions on attracting the patrimonial responsibility of the employees

Company law

If you want to set up, modify, suspend or dissolve and liquidate and liquidate a company voluntarily, based on Law 31/1990, we give you the necessary advice, prepare the necessary documents and go to the Trade Register Office to carry out operations.

If you have debts higher than 45,000 lei, you have become insolvent and the bankruptcy of the company is the only solution, we prepare the bankruptcy application and the necessary documentation at the Tribunal to open the procedure.

Whether you want to close a deal or check the terms and legality of a contract, our team can help you with the tips you need to minimize further risks.

Considering that during the state of emergency the Trade Register Office works with the public only online, for the submission of documents being necessary the electronic signature, we prepare and submit files to the ORC, with electronic signature, during this period.

Transport law

We support companies in the field of road transport of goods, domestic and international, providing legal assistance services related to:

-conclusion and execution of transport contracts

-CMR Convention

-legal provisions regarding the use of roads in Romania

At the same time, we support the carriers in order to recover the debts resulting from the execution of the transport contract.